Custom Hose Reels

Did you know KlineFire assemble and custom make Hose Reels? Our custom made hose reels are fully customized for the end user to suit their requirements and come in a range of sizes, colours and materials.

Our product differs from others on the marketplace as they are 100% Australian made and owned.

Thanks to our in-house assembly facilities we have the unique ability to interchange many of the materials inside a hose reel to suit almost any environment, for example; our stainless steel hose reels are used in

Our heavy duty and standard hose reels are available in multiple colours including;
We have over 50 years’ experience in the Australian Fire industry. KlineFire Hose Reels are engineered to maximise operator safety, ease of use and reliability. All hose reels are fitted with a heavy duty bearing for improved durability. Their manufacture, installation and maintenance are governed by the Standards AS/NZS 1221, AS2441 & AS 1851.
There is no minimum order; one to 100, whatever your needs are, we can produce them. From a standard 36m x 19mm fire hose reel, to a green wash down, or a 50m x19mm recycled water reel, our custom hose reels are individually made for the requirements of the end user.

Overview and data sheets on our custom reels are available. For more information please contact our Sales Team on 03 8738 6666 or email

For more information please contact our sales team below or via email at

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