Fire Extinguishers & Blankets

Portable Fire Extinguishers are designed to be able to be carried & operated by hand by a single person. They are classified as “first attack equipment” for fighting fires in the early stages before escalation. The normal type of extinguisher consists of an extinguishing agent and an expellant, which are stored together in a cylinder under pressure.

There are many types and sizes of fire extinguisher, each having its particular strength and suitability for combating specific classes of fire. For a visual summary of fire extinguishers & their uses, view KlineFire’s Fire Extinguisher Pocket Guide or Poster Guide.

If you would like to order a free pocket or poster-sized copy of KlineFire’s Fire Extinguisher Guide please email or contact us on (03) 8738 6666. KlineFire include both a location and instruction sign free-of-charge with every fire extinguisher purchase.

Fire Blankets are used to smother small fires, most common either on cooking apparatus (ie cooking oil fires on stoves, hot pans etc) or on people whose clothes have caught on fire. Fire Blankets are constructed from fire resistant, flexible material – usually glass fibre – and are, generally, electrically non-conductive.

Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers are separated into two categories: those suitable for “A” & “B Class” fires, and those suitable for “B Class” fires only. As their powders are non-conductive they are both suitable for fighting “Class E” fires (fires complicated by the presence of live electricity).

Wet Chemical Extinguishers are specialised extinguishers that are used specifically to combat “Class F” fires (those involving cooking fats & oils).

Co2 Extinguishers contain liquid carbon dioxide (Co2) that is released as a gas when fired. They are most often used on “Class E” fires (those complicated by the presence of live electricity) and “Class B” fires (those fuelled by petrol, paint, alcohol, etc.).

Water Extinguishers are the simplest of extinguishers using normal H2O as their extinguishant. They are suitable only for “Class A” fires (wood, paper, plastics, textiles etc). They are not suitable for “Class E” fire (fire containing electrically energised fuels or equipment).

Foam Extinguishers are another specialised extinguisher type that is used mainly to combat flammable liquid fires characterised as “Class B” fires (those fuelled by petrol, paint, alcohol, etc).

The manufacture of Portable Fire Extinguishers is governed by the suite of Standards AS1841.
The manufacture of Fire blankets is governed by AS/NZS 3504
The Classification, Rating & Performance testing of Fire Extinguishers is outlined in AS1850
The Selection and Location of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets is predicated by AS2444
Maintenance of these portable equipment items is controlled by AS1851

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