Innovation through heritage – The worlds most advanced vehicle suppression system.

In 2017 a distributorship between KlineFire and Kidde Technologies Inc. was announced, providing Australian bus companies with a fire suppression system that was tried and tested in America. Such was the success of the system in America it resulted in over 60% of all commercial ground vehicles (buses) being protected with the Kidde Technologies system. 53 bus fires in Australia during 2016 heeded the call for not just any vehicle suppression system but one that was technologically advanced, reliable, cost effective and efficient.
Understanding the Australian market was a key part in setting up the distributorship for Australia, KlineFire provided this understanding, with 50 years’ experience in the Australian fire industry. Kidde technologies soon realised the potential of the two companies working together and formed a distributorship with 150 years’ industry experience to protect Australia’s buses from fire. Being technologically advanced, it was often stated it wouldn’t be cost efficient for bus companies to utilise the Kidde bus fire suppression system. This expense to the client was soon put to rest as the understanding of small, medium and large bus companies was key from the first stages in designing the very system itself.
The technology behind the system was moulded from the Raytheon Technologies Aerospace & Defence industry, if it was good enough for our families in the air then it was sure going to protect our families on the ground. This resulted in the most effective vehicle fire suppression system yet, tried and tested by independent testers throughout; the system has proven to be the most effective in the market time and time again.
KlineFire – Exclusive Australian distributor for Kidde Technologies Inc.
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