Hydrant valves are commonly referred to as landing valves or millcocks.

Hydrant valves provide a standardised connection and are installed on fire service pipelines from a reliable water source to control the flow of water, the supply of which is to be utilised for fire fighting purposes.

They are installed as either “Attack Hydrants” which are utilised to directly fight fires or as “Feed Hydrants” which supply water that is pumped back into a fire service, via a booster head, thus restoring pressure that has been depleted through the operation of multiple “Attack Hydrants”.

Security lockout devices are available for Hydrant Valves that can minimise the damage caused by vandals and restrict water loss through unauthorised access. These are required to be locked by special 003 “fire brigade” keyed padlocks.

Each Australian State has its own specific connection requirements. If you have a question regarding a particular connection requirement please e-mail or call KlineFire on (03) 8738 6666.

Hydrant valve manufacture is governed by AS2419.2
Maintenance of Hydrants is prescribed by AS1851

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Various Fire Valve Technical Specification Data Sheets

Hydrant Lockout
Product Code : HPMLO
Hydrant Right Angle Landing Valves
Product Code : HRALV
Hydrant CFA Thread Roll Groove
Product Code : HVCRG80
CFA Thread Screwed
Product Code : HVCS65
5v Thread Roll Groove
Product Code : HVMRG80
Hydrant 5v Thread Screwed
Product Code : HVMS65
Hydrant Storz Rolle Groove
Product Code : HVSRG80
Hydrant Storz Screwed
Product Code : HVSS65
Hydrant Standpipe
Product Code : STS
Butterfly Grooved Gear Operated
Product Code : VBGG
Grooved Swing Check Valve
Product Code : VCSCI
Single Detector Check Grooved Testable
Product Code : VCSDT
Product Code : 90D