Company Profile

KlineFire are an Australian owned business with operations on a global scale. We have been specialising in the supply, assembly and servicing of fire protection equipment to the fire industry for over 50 years.

Our business is unique, in that we have in-house assembly, expert technical advice and key supplier relationships; Enabling us to supply product that is of the highest quality whilst ensuring that we can offer our clients the best level of service possible.

Our sales team deal with many large scale construction, transportation, architect, engineering, and plumbing companies. They are known for their technical expertise and vast product knowledge.

Our portfolio has helped us developed strong relationships within the construction and transportation industries, providing fire protection equipment world wide.

As our client base continues to grow, we are becoming an increasingly important player within the markets we operate. Our ability to develop as a company, without losing sight of our cornerstone values sets us apart from our competitors.