Booster Heads

Booster heads are connection devices that enable fire brigades to pressurise fire mains by pumping water into the fire service. This helps maintain effective water pressure in the face of multiple hydrant usage. They are generally installed as part of a booster & hydrant assembly, although they may be installed as a stand-alone connection.

Booster heads are constructed from either gunmetal or cast iron, with cast iron heads being epoxy lined. They are manufactured with internal spring check valves. Specific fire brigade connections are available to suit the relevant regulatory authorities.

Booster bodies are painted R13 Signal Red. They are offered in a variety of configurations such as bottom or rear entry with screwed, flanged or roll groove connections available.

KlineFire supplied booster heads are manufactured to AS 2419.3, and Class 14 bodies are test pressure rated to 2800Kpa. In accordance with this Standard, KlineFire boosters are supplied with fitted bleed valves, manufacturers name and class identification. Dual and quad boosters are supplied with draincocks and pressure gauges.

KlineFire are proud to be the exclusive Victorian / Tasmanian distributor of “Dobbie Dico” booster heads. Dobbie Dico, an Australian company, have been manufacturing quality brassware for in excess of 60 years. Their booster heads have been the market leaders for over 30 years.
Maintenance and service to booster heads should be conducted regularly in accordance with the provisions set out in AS1851 & AS2419.1.

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Booster Heads Technical Specification Data Sheets

100mm Dual Bottom Entry Roll Groove
Product Code : BBDSRG100RG
100mm Dual Rear Entry Roll Groove
Product Code : BDSRG100RE
150mm Quad Bottom Entry Roll Groove
Product Code : BQSRG150BE
150mm Quad Rear Entry Roll Groove
Product Code : BQSRG150RE
Single Outlet 80mm Roll Groove Internal 65mm BSP (Female)
Product Code : BSS65S