Fire Hose Reels

A fire hose reel is a “first attack assembly” plumbed to a fire service, which is used as a quick-response method by any member of the general public for fighting fires in their early stages.

KlineFire fire hose reels are engineered to maximise operator safety, ease of use and reliability.
KlineFire fire hose reels consist of a steel drum, hose, nozzle, inlet pipe & isolation valve. KlineFire offer several model variations including:
• PVC or rubber hose
• Jet or jet / spray nozzle
• Mini reel
Their manufacture, installation and maintenance is governed by the Standards AS/NZS 1221, AS2441 & AS1851. KlineFire also offer 50 metre hose reels, heavy duty hose reels, 25mm hose reels and stainless steel hose reels.
Along with KlineFire’s standard range hose reels, KlineFire also offer a range of Custom Hose Reels.

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Fire Hose Reel Technical Specification Data Sheets

Swing Arm Bracket
Product Code : ASAHR
Product Code : BAHR
Foam Branch
Product Code : FBHROS
All Stainless Steel
Product Code : FHRASS3619
Maxi 30
Product Code : FHRMP3025
Maxi 50
Product Code : FHRMP5019
Product Code : FHRP3619
Stainless Steel
Product Code : FHRSS3619
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty C/W Bearing
Product Code : FHRSSHD3619
Product Code : HRCV
Heavy Duty C/W Bearing
Product Code : HRP3619HD
Product Code : NOZZHR
Mounting Stand
Product Code : SMHR
Product Code : FHMRP3619