KlineFire Vehicle Suppression Systems cater to a range of vehicles that fall in line with the Small, Medium and Large Bus Types.

Small Vehicles

The small bus fleet is considered to have 20 seats or less. Our Small Bus Module (SBM) Suppression System ensures that the smaller bus type is covered as efficiently and quickly as the larger suppression systems options.
Remembering that many of the small bus types are responsible for passengers that may need extra time to be assisted from the bus, it’s of paramount importance that the system is operated immediately during a fire. The SBM allows this to happen with technology that increases the speed of extinguishing the fire.
The smaller bus fleet / Emergency Services are usually responsible for also carrying large quantities of oxygen, which are considered to be highly flammable. This is further reason to look at the KlineFire SBM Fire Suppression System.

Medium Vehicles

The medium bus fleet is considered to have between 21-40 seats. This fleet of buses would be considered in many eyes as the standard transport bus of school students, along with the larger shuttle buses. These buses transport the majority of children around Australia to school on a daily basis. The KlineFire Suppression System allows for the bus to be fitted out with a tailored cabling and detection at several levels to ensure the bus is protected.

Large Vehicles

The larger fleet bus is considered as anything above 41 seats. These buses predominantly make up Charter Buses, Luxury Coach’s and Public Transport buses. Generally these vehicles are on longer daily, overnight trips. It is again essential to have the state of the art fire suppression system protecting this larger fleet, through Kidde Technologies optical detector and armourdillo cabling.

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