Fire Cabinets

Fire cabinets assist in the protection of fire equipment from degradation due to weather exposure, and also augment security, lessening the impact of vandalism and public mischief.

They are generally painted in R13 “Signal Red” which enhances visibility. This assists in locating fire protection equipment in the event of an emergency, and in areas of high vehicular traffic (ie car parks) it lessens the likelihood of accidental damage.

KlineFire can custom-make any type of cabinet to suit any fire protection application. We can cater for unique sizes, configurations, colours, material, gauge, stencilling etc. As cabinets are constructed from corrosion resistant Zinc seal they require very little maintenance.

AS2419.1 & AS2441 regulate the specifications for the sizing, clearances, marking, security etc of protective fire cabinets. KlineFire’s knowledge in this area will ensure that all cabinets are regulatory compliant.

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Fire Cabinets Technical Specification Data Sheets

Booster On Legs 100mm Dual
Product Code : CBBV100
Booster On Legs 150mm Quad
Product Code : CBBV150
Booster & Feed Hydrant 100mm Dual
Product Code : CBFH100
Booster & Feed Hydrant 150mm Quad
Product Code : CBFH150
Hydrant Single On Legs
Product Code : CEHY605
Hydrant Single On LegsP
Product Code : CEHY605HO
Hydrant Dual On Legs
Product Code : CEHY900
Product Code : CEXTBGL
FOam 4 Drum
Product Code : CHF4
Foam 4 Drum & Shelf
Product Code : CHFS4
Hose Reel Wall Mount Double Door
Product Code : CHR850
Foam 1 Drum
Product Code : CHRF1
Hose Reel On Legs
Product Code : CHRL850
Sprinkler Control Valve
Product Code : CSCV385
Single Hydrant Wall Mount
Product Code : CSRE580
Single Hydrant & Hose Reel
Product Code : CSRE850
Single Hydrant & Hose Reel On Legs
Product Code : CSREL850