Assemblies – Booster & Hydrant

Booster and Hydrant assemblies consist of arrangements of valves & pipe work to suit specific site fire protection needs. This may be as simple as an “Attack Hydrant” requirement, such as a Dual Hydrant Riser, or a more complicated Fire Brigade Quad Booster point complete with feed hydrants, isolating and check valves.

These assemblies are installed to enable fire brigades access to sufficient water as quickly and efficiently as possible.

KlineFire specialise in the design and fabrication of unique, unusual or difficult assemblies to suit the specific needs or constraints of any site.

AS2419.1 regulates the configuration, size, position etc of booster & hydrant assemblies.

Boosters & hydrants and associated assemblies are required by AS1851 & AS 2419.1 to be serviced and maintained regularly.

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Assemblies Technical Specification Data Sheets

100mm SDCV & Isolating Valve
Product Code: A100SDCV

100mm Dual Booster & Feed Hydrant Assembly 
Product Code: ABFH100

100mm Dual Booster & Feed Hydrant C/W SDCV & DI Feed
Product Code: ABFH100SDT

150mm Quad Booster & Feed Hydrant
Product Code: ABFH150C

150mm Dual Booster & Feed Hydrant 
Product Code: ABFH150D

150mm Dual Booster & Feed Hydrant C/W SDCV & DI Feed
Product Code: ABFH150DSDT

150mm Quad Booster & Feed Hydrant C/W SDCV & DI Feed
Product Code: ABFH150SDT

100mm Dual Hydrant Head 
Product Code: ADHH100C

100mm Dual Hydrant Riser (Bull Head Type Riser)
Product Code: ADHR100CX

150mm Dual Hydrant Riser 
Product Code: ADHR150C

150mm Quad Hydrant Riser
Product Code: AQHR150

Suction Storz Connection (125x100x75)
Product Code: AS12510075

Suction Storz Connection (150x125x90)
Product Code: AS15012590

100mm Dual Booster & Riser
Product Code: DB100RBV

Booster & Riser 150mm Quad
Product Code: DDQB150RBV

Large Bore Small Bore Tank Suction 150mm
Product Code: TSLBSB15065STZ