KlineFire cater specifically for the construction industry, boasting a full range of fire protection equipment at competitive prices. KlineFire offer free & prompt delivery within the Melbourne metropolitan region, as well as a free-of-charge on-site and after-hours quote and measuring service. An integral part of KlineFire’s service offering is the expert knowledge & advice on all relevant Australian Standards and the standards of other regulatory authorities.

For more detailed information and data on a wide range of KlineFire products, please visit theEquipment section of this website, or click on the following links for detailed information on:

Fire Hose Reels
Fire Cabinets
Assemblies – Booster & Hydrant
Booster Heads
Fire Extinguishers
Roll Groove

These data sheets are also available on CD or in hard copy. Please contact us at KlineFire for more information.

KlineFire also offer a made-to-order service on assemblies and cabinets that can be fabricated to your unique specifications.

KlineFire are manufacturers of their own Australian-made hose reel, which comes with installation guidelines and is quick & easy to install. Specific installation advice is also available if you contact us with your query.