Newsletter #2 September – KlineFire are heading to Hannover!

IAA CV Hannover 2018!

Together with our associates at Kidde Technologies INC. – UTC Aerospace Systems, KlineFire will be attending the IAA Global Commercial Vehicles Exhibition in Hannover, from Thursday 20th September to Thursday September 27th.

We will have a full display booth (Kidde – UTC style), ready to welcome all guests that are keen to learn all the new innovative solutions, as we touch on all things fire protection on a global scale!

Are you heading to Hannover? KlineFire’s Sales & Marketing Manager – Adrian Clapperton will be in attendance, please feel free to send an email to; we look forward to seeing you abroad!

What happens when a system goes off…oops.

Initially trained on how to maintain the system, there is always an over enthusiastic apprentice keen to learn and push lots of buttons. Unfortunately for this apprentice, they covered the back of their brand new bus in Purple-K, bypassing the tamper proof seal and pushing the discharge button. Whilst at first shocked, afterwards the client was very impressed, stating “if that doesn’t put out a fire, I don’t know what will”.

Soon after, KlineFire were on hand to assist in guiding the team in how to clean up the engine bay and reset the system. A simple wash down of the engine bay, straight swap over of the single extinguisher and re-test of the system, it was ready to go again.

Within a short period of time at the client’s request, KlineFire were on hand again to re-train the various depot’s on how to maintain the system, as many times as it takes to ensure any new apprentice doesn’t remove tamper proof seals!


As Australia continues to go green with its public transport, a new fleet of Hybrid buses have been put into production. Protecting these fleets from fire is KlineFire’s innovative automatic fire suppression system, engineered from the initial design of the vehicle with Volvo and Kidde Technologies-UTC Aerospace engineers.

A system that is specifically engineered for hybrid vehicles with multiple detection and multiple zones all controlled from a display next to the driver, the innovative system also uses “Purple-K” a non-corrosive, potassium based extinguisher agent that is capable of controlling electric based fires.

The first of many hybrids has recently been completed with a fully custom system installed, overseen by Dean Moule (Volvo’s bodybuild & engineering Manager) together with the team at KlineFire and Kidde Technologies. Latrobe Valley Bus Lines were very happy with the level of service provided by KlineFire, especially understanding they can do their own maintenance and understanding KlineFire are on hand at any point to assist.

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