Australia’s Newest Hybrid

Pictured team; Volvo – Dean Moule (Sales Engineering & Bodybuild Manager) KlineFire – Fedele Pisano (Project Manager), Alex McPhie (Senior Project Manager), Allan McPhie (Business Development Manager) Kidde Technologies INC. UTC Aerospace – Chad Rouse (Chief Engineer), Dennis Linhares (Sales Engineer)

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines – home of Australia’s newest hybrid commercial ground vehicle, has just been fitted with the worlds most advanced vehicle fire suppression system.

The system was installed by the expert team at KlineFire with Kidde Technologies and overseen by Volvo’s Sales Engineering & Bodybuild Manager – Dean Moule. The system which was adapted from the Kidde Technologies INC – UTC Aerospace industry, is providing Australia’s new hybrid vehicles with;

  • Advanced dual band optical detection
  • An environmentally friendly non-corrosive extinguishing agent – Purple K
  • In-House system maintenance, giving control back to Australian bus companies

KlineFire are proud to be supporting one of Victoria’s leading green bus companies Latrobe Valley Bus Lines.

Innovation Through Heritage
The World’s Most Advanced Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

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