KlineFire offers data sheets & technical (scale) drawings for a wide range of products, many of which are available on the Equipment section of the KlineFire website. Please refer to the following for scale drawings of Fire Hose ReelsFire CabinetsAssemblies – Booster & HydrantBooster HeadsFire ExtinguishersValves and Roll Groove. KlineFire also offer a made-to-order service on assemblies, hose reels and cabinets.

The data & scale drawings on the KlineFire website do not represent an exhaustive list of what’s available – for more information please contact the sales department at KlineFire. Data sheets & technical drawings are also available in hard copy or on CD, and for ease of use and transposition to your own drawings, scale drawings are available in Autocad.

KlineFire provide design advice on unique & difficult installations, and consequently offer a made-to-order fabrication service to cater for these situations.

KlineFire offer an on-site measuring service for booster & hydrant installations & cabinets, and also provide advice on all relevant Australian Standards and other regulatory authorities.

KlineFire are the manufacturers of their own Australian-made fire hose reel.