System Discharge

  • 4 Nozzle only discharge creating “total flood”
  • Total flood eliminates the requirement for further nozzles and potential failures

Bus Fire Test

  • 10 different diesel fires, fully open engine bay, High speed fans and Fuel spray to create a worst-case scenario
  • Hidden/Obscured fires no match for Purple-K
  • Protective Coating prevents re-struck

Post Discharge

  • Simple clean-up – Blowing out lines, single bottle replacement, cap replacement
  • Washdown of engine bay – simple washdown of engine bay with standard water hose thanks to the non-corrosive Purple-K

Detection Comparison

  • Standard LTD (Linear thermal detector) provides balanced detection
  • Armored/White LTD provide flexible operating temperatures for different vehicle types (EG. electric)
  • Dual band Optical sensor provides instantaneous detection

Agent Comparisons – Purple K, ABE (ABC), Water

  • Purple K: Non corrosive, environmentally friendly, highly effective
  • ABE Powder: Corrodes creating difficult clean-up and potential damage to engine bay
  • Water: Evaporates reducing ability to suppress fires, once the water is gone it cannot prevent a restrike

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