Vehicle Suppression Systems – Product Range

Thermal Detection

Kidde Thermal Products have proven to be the most reliable in the industry.

Gas Detection

Kidde gas sensor monitors what you cant see with detection of CNG,LNG and LPG.

Optical Detection

Kidde optical infrared detector responds to flames with 100° field of view in less than 1 second.

Driver Interface Panels

Kidde driver interface panels systems provide a safer environment for drivers and their passengers.

Fire Supression

Kidde’s environmentally safe suppression system eliminates costly clean up.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

KlineFire offer a range of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, providing bus operators with fire detection within wheel wells.

Comparison Chart

With a range of vehicle fire suppression systems available on the global market, none are capable of matching the quality of service and innovation from KlineFire.

Showcase Video – Fire Testing

KlineFire offer the worlds most advanced vehicle fire suppression system, with millions of dollars spent annually on research and development through Kidde Technologies – UTC Aerospace Systems.